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October 26th, 2017, 2:23 pm



Hey guys!

Unfortunately my laptop was not salvageable even though they were able to save what they could from my C drive. This process took all of September, the entire MONTH! However, there is good news! The Techs were able to save my pages from this webcomic, just not the most recent thumbnails for future pages.

So after finding out this news I've been trying to get use to using my sister's old laptop, the speed isn't the best sometimes, but it'll do. I've just been doing some transfers from my external drives to the laptop and I'll start working on this again soon.

Oh! So the issue was that the motherboard failed on my laptop. It's unfortunate, but I guess it happens. I've never had it happen though, and all that can be done is just get back to work!

So sorry once again for another setback! But let's get back to it! I'll see you guys soon~

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